This site was created to help new Shaklee business builders on my team get organized more quickly, hopefully get inspired, and more importantly to get EQUIPPED. After doing this business for some time, I began to notice patterns in people’s thinking. Patterns that led to victory or to defeat, not just in business, but in our daily lives. This merged with a truth that the Lord had begun revealing to me a long time ago on a mission trip. Joshua 1:9 was the verse the Lord used then to help me unravel my own “stinking thinking” and begin to undo old patterns that had kept me in bondage. He uses it often now to confirm what I’ve been learning about what makes us or can break us. It’s the choice between faith and fear.

What’s the big deal? Why do so many people have trouble talking to someone else about their faith or their business? Fear. Why do so many people live stuck in situations that they could easily think and work their way out of? Fear. What is the number one thing that will keep you from being a success in this business and in life? Fear. IF you let it.

Seems too simple, doesn’t it? But this simple concept revolves around a couple of bigger concepts:

  1. The character of God, He is a good father.
  2. He is FOR YOU, and not against you.
  3. Whose report will you believe? The Lord’s or your enemy’s? What will you agree with then, Faith or fear?

YOU have a choice to make. One that you will have to keep making.
Will you agree with the Lord’s report and what he says about you? Or will you agree with the enemy of your soul’s report, and what he says? The language the enemy uses to confuse you, deceive you, and steal from you is the language of fear. It may be clothed in something that seems more practical, cynical, and sometimes disguised as good ol’ common sense. This is where you need discernment, because if WISDOM is at the base of any of these things, great! If however fear is at the root of these thoughts, BAM! Recognizing that means you just won a small victory, and you are now unraveling your own “stinking thinking”, dislodging lies that you were told by the one who seeks to destroy you, and on your way to success in this industry and I believe, success in almost every aspect of life.

The Lord says you can do ALL THINGS through Him. The Lord says you are beautifully and wonderfully made. The Lord says He has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Now don’t expect this to be easy, this is the battle of YOUR LIFE. You will face obstacles, but you my dear, are AN OVERCOMER!!! And you are not alone. You are now apart of a TEAM of OVERCOMERS! Now, let’s get busy!